December 6, 2014

McCoys 2014

McCoy Family Pictures: 2014
It's been some time since we've hired an actual photographer to capture our family, usually opting to take our own photos.  Since I didn't get around to taking their yearly photos, I wanted to get some really great shots of the kids to hang in our home and of course, a family photo as well 
After spending way WAY more time than necessary choosing everyone's outfits, I ended up totally dropping the ball and dressing Tessa in basically a t-shirt on which happened to be a very cold October evening.  The poor girl whined (and when I say whined, I mean screamed psychotically) just about the entire time...who could blame her, it really was cold.  Her darling brown suede bow I made by hand the night before, somehow disappeared on the car ride there, leaving us with a very unhappy and somewhat untidy little toddler.  Luckily we clean our car next to never and were able to scrounge up a somewhat decent headband to tame those wild locks.  Despite a bit of a rough start and the near frozen babe, our photographer went above and beyond our expectations, leaving us with a plethora of pictures to choose from.  Regardless of my weird self-image issues/insecurities (Don't worry, I'm working on getting over that) I LOVE how they turned out.
I love my people.
Photo Credit: Doll Face Photo

December 5, 2014

Off To See The Wizard

After reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, Wyatt demanded to know why we'd never seen the movie.  
So a few months back, for our weekly Friday-Pizza-Movie-Popcorn-Night, we all fell in love with the timeless characters as we snuggled on the couch and laughed ridiculously hard at Johns' impeccable impression of the cowardly lion.  (Seriously, it's impressive).  
After which, I decided our fabulous little foursome would certainly be dressing as Wizard of Oz characters for Halloween, I mean duh.  With our hand-me-down lion costume the perfect size for Tessa and Macie an obvious choice for Dorothy, the boys quickly decided on who they would be.
After all-nighters and stress galore from Halloween pasts, I gave myself a break and turned to for all my costume needs (I have no problem giving credit where credit is due...I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT AMAZON PRIME).

Any who, a week before the main event, we were off to the annual Wall Family/Friends Halloween Party which we've been lucky enough to shenaggle an invite to the past few years.  On our way out of the neighborhood, John spotted the perfect, I mean PERFECT photo-op.  Our very own yellow brick  leaf road.  Of course we had to stop and torture our children by taking a ridiculous amount of photos.  Despite their complaining, they sure ham it up and I am in love with how these turned out...if you can't tell, I took way WAY too many and am posting them all. 
(We actually came back on Halloween day and took a few more, I really just couldn't get enough.)
Seriously, is it just me? Cutest. Dorthy. Ever.
So with a plethora of pics under our belt, we headed to the Wall Party where we were thoroughly entertained and the children had a blast...
(Please disregard the unhappy-ish look on my face.)
Note to self: You need to relax.  Take a page from Heather's book...throw exploding soda liters into the air...light pumpkins on fire, throw them, smash a little.  Have fun.  Relax.
(Seriously, they are an awesome family.)

Later that week we finally got around to carving pumpkins, though we begged the kids to paint them, only the girls could be convinced....

The Halloween festivities continued as Macie dressed up for her Dance Party.  At the last minute, we decided to bag the Dorothy costume and go with a dead ballerina...which ended up being more like a weird goth-ish ballerina.  Either way, she was pretty stoked.
I also whipped up a fun dinner (thanks pinterest) of Mummy Pizza (surprisingly tasty), Goard Green Salad, and of course our Homemade Ores.
The days leading up to Halloween we were a nervous wreck as we anxiously awaited the results of John's recent job interview with Sport's Authority in Denver, Co.  Halloween day they finally called to tell us they would let us know the next week.  So our nerves continued as we took the kids trick-or-treating in both sets of Grandparents neighborhoods.
We were impressed with Papa Monte's decorating, had homemade chili dogs, butter beer, and a great evening.  And then this happened...
 Four.  Yep, four suckers.  At once.
And I remembered why I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween.  
Man I hate Halloween...But seriously, I LOVE HALLOWEEN!
And I love that my kiddos happily went along with our Wizard of Oz theme this year.  Their reenacting scenes from the movie brought a smile to my face all day long.  
I love Halloween and I love my fab four...  
...cowardly, brainless, heartless and all.

December 2, 2014

Our Big Baby Girl

I always have plans to get caught up on our family blog...Just like I've been planning on finishing Wyatt's baby book for the past nine years.  However, sometimes no matter how good my intentions, there just aren't enough hours in the day.
The past month has been another crazy time, full of big decisions, major changes, and a roller coaster of emotions with zero time to blog...or clean...or sleep really.
 With John gone for the next 2 weeks, I've promised myself (once again) I'd get caught up on our blog (rather than wallow in self pity) while John and I are apart.  So there's lots to write about and I'll eventually get around to sharing all that's been going on and why I won't see my bestest friend ever for 14 long days...but in the meantime, I'll rewind and hopefully knock out some of our special family moments not to be forgotten from the past few months.

September 4, 2014:
Tessa Lynn McCoy somehow turned 1.
What?! How did this happen?  I can NOT believe our baby girl is gone, replaced by a walking, talking, laughing, silly, stubborn, DARLING little girl. 
On her special day we spoiled our sweet Tessa with her favorite foods and lots of love.  
It was pizza for dinner...
Which she shared with everyone.  She always insists on giving everyone in our family a little sample of whatever she eats.  She's a doll, that's for sure.
She didn't seem overly impressed with her birthday presents and quickly allowed her siblings to take over.
With their birthdays so close, we celebrated Tessa and Wyatt together this year, as mentioned HERE.
Tessa stole the show as she devoured her very first cake...
...but not before sharing it with the birthday boy...
...and everyone else present...
Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate this sweet little girls first birthday!
Our one year old Tessa loves to eat any and every thing!  She is not a bit picky and has a fantastic appetite. She sleeps (mostly) through the night and has a mighty fine temper.  She is sugary sweetness or a firery demon...there is no in-between.  She calls for Macie and Gus most of the day and occasionally will notice her brothers.  She is particularly proud of her ability to at last say "Cole."  She says "Mom!" or "Dad!" and sometimes "John!" in an ever demanding tone.  
She spends most of the day begging for stories or laying on the dog.  She loves to show off her tricks...animal noises, pat-a-cake, so-big, blowing kisses, and LOVES to dance and sing.
Despite her constantly digging through cupboards and drawers, (bringing me a variety of items all day long) her sporadic night-terrros and feisty tantrums, I would give anything to freeze time.  This girl is beyond precious to me, to all of us.  She entertains us daily and I can not imagine life without our sweet Tess.
Tessa, we love and adore you.  You have brought so much joy into our family and made us complete!
Happy Birthday baby girl!