September 23, 2014

Dear Summer, I Miss You.

Somehow, the first day of school has already come and gone.
The kids were all very excited.  Okay, that's not quite true.  Wyatt and Macie were excited, 
Coley not so much.  
After a hardy breakfast and some prayers on Mom's behalf (seriously, thank you Wyatt) they were off, bringing an abrupt end to our Summer festivities.
After Tessa and I wallowed in our lonesome sorrow for sometime, I reflected over all the fun we had this Summer.  Seriously, one of the best, which makes it that much harder to say goodbye.

Our Summer began with a visit from Uncle Jim and Aunt Lisa and ended with a visit from Uncle Matt and the other Aunt Lisa.  
Though I took little to no photos of our fun times with them, I did scrounge up a few phone photos.
We went for bike rides and hikes...
Visited cupcake shops and camping sites...
Played games, watched movies, and most importantly, hung out with cousins.
And in between our visits from the lovely Lisa's (and their hubs) our Summer was jam packed with adventure.  

Warning:  Lots and LOTS of pics (mostly crummy phone ones) are crammed below.

Summer 2014 consisted of the following:

An uncanny adventure up Rose Canyon, complete with dog rides, teeter-totters, and the demise of an unlucky spider (by gun shot).
A princess party.  A.K.A. "The best day of Macie's life."  Tess had fun too.  Thanks Aunt Jackie!
An 80th birthday celebration for good old Ewles Marshall McCoy.  Filled with lots of McCoy family fun and some pretty amazing Mexican food. 
A picnic day at the beautiful Silver Lake.  Followed by an ill-prepared dip in the water, hence Macie's swimming attire.  

A hike to Secret Lake.  Accompanied by a severe and untimely attack of the stomach flu.  Poor John.
Which was immediately followed by a Paras family reunion.  Truly, poor John, the kids however, didn't skip a beat.
There were a few biking goals Wyatt and I failed to accomplish, but had a blast cycling around nonetheless.

Speaking of bicycling, someone made a miraculous transition this Summer.  After a brief pep talk (from and to herself) Macie Lee ditched the training wheels and was off.

There were swimming lessons every single day and for some reason I didn't take a single pic, (until the last day when Cole wasn't even present) despite the kids amazing accomplishments.  They all improved so much and loved every minute of it.  Wyatt was especially proud to finally conquer the high dive after 2 years of working up the nerve.

After much thought and deliberation, plenty of research and lots and lots of prayers...This Summer also brought about a big change for Coley. His ear surgery went great, he didn't shed a single tear before, during, or after and was up and dancing around like a wild man the very next day.  He is without a doubt, a complete stud.  I'm so proud of him and John and I both feel like it was the right thing to do for him, despite the fact that we both miss those darling pokey ears.  
On a side note: John charmed his way into becoming the marketing/website consultant for Cole's plastic surgeon...I'm surrounded by studs.  Does anyone use the word 'stud' these days?
Moving on.

Our last little Summer getaway to Bear Lake was just what we needed.  Of course I completely forgot my camera (notice the theme here) and had to make do with the phone.  Again.  We laughed historically at Tessa's wardrobe malfunction (thanks Dad), had a blast tubing, pigged out on raspberry shakes (what else?), celebrated Wyatt and Thomas's birthdays, and played hard with cousins 24-7.
And with that Summer is behind us.
I am typically thrilled to welcome Fall, but that was not the case this year.  After the hell strength building experience of last year, I enjoyed every minute spent with these kiddos of mine this past Summer.  I loved waking up late, watching cartoons, enjoying Grandpa's garden, wearing swimming suits all day, eating popsicles, and just being lazy.  
My heart literally broke the day they all abandoned me for school.  
Despite a lonely first week, I am really enjoying my time at home with our sweet Tess, not to mention catching up on some much needed housework.  

The kids have been doing great at school so far.   
Wyatt loves the third grade, his new teacher is "the best in the whole school" and his Math class is "AWESOME!" The transition to first grade has been no sweat for Coley, he's as popular and friendly as ever, kids adore him, he LOVES recess, and is finally starting to actually eat some of his lunch each day.  Macie is the cutest kindergartner ever.  Seriously.  Like ever.  Wyatt and Cole's friends inform them of this fact daily and they proudly agree.  She's doing great at reading and cursive and loves to look for her boys at recess.
With a few exciting fall actives planned ahead, we are able to bid Summer farewell.  
Though I for one, cannot wait to get these kiddos all to myself again.

September 17, 2014

Conversations of Late

After attending a princess dress-up party...
"Mom, I'm not a princess, I'm the queen."
Whenever I ask Macie to do something around the house, I'm sure to hear:
"Yes your Majesty,"  accompanied by a sassy little shoulder shrug and a flutter of lashes...
After studying herself in the mirror she happily informed me:
"I look like Willy Wonka with my new haircut!"
While waiting at swimming lessons some distance away, I overheard the following: 
Macie (shouting): "Did you just say 'Oh my Heavenly Father's name?!!!"
Teacher: "No!  I said 'Oh my gosh'."
Macie:  "Didn't sound like it to me!  Hmph!"
And just this evening...
Cole: "Mom, I like you better with make-up on."
Me:  "Really?!" :(
Cole:  "You know that song, Mother all Flowers Remind Me of You?"
Me: "Yes?"
Cole:  "Flowers actually don't remind me of you."
Me:  "Really?" :(
Cole:  "I think it should say, Mother all Make-up Reminds Me of You."

Phone-y Photos of Late

The. CUTEST. Ever.
Dumb DOG.
BRAID love.
So long H.P.
3 out of 4 recommend: BISCUITS 'n GRAVY
Favorite UNCLE.
Selfie SMILE.