April 22, 2014

Phoney-Photos of Late

PIZZA night.
Are these on SALE?
Attack of the HAIR.
The best HELPER.
Self-made LUNCH
BUMBO time.
SILLY time.
STORY time.

April 19, 2014

Snow Day

Okay let's be honest, Winter is well behind us and I have have zero time or desire to blog about it right now.  We are moving this week (more on that to come) which means I'm packing, cleaning, and de-junking like a mad woman.  Having said that, I simply cannot not document a memorable snow day well spent with Papa Monte.  Sometimes (especially when short on time) it's best to sit back and let the pictures speak for themselves...

April 9, 2014

Letting it Go

After falling in love with Frozen and listening to the sound track countless times over the past few months, I knew we couldn't possibly miss out on visiting a real life ice-castle...
The Midway Ice Castles provided the perfect opportunity for our kids to further enhance their obsession with Disney's latest flick.  Movie aside, these castles are pretty dang amazing and we were all super excited to see them up close and personal... 
The kids were completely awestruck as we made our way into the winter wonderland...
Who are we kidding?  My excitement may have slightly surpassed that of the children...
However, in no time at all, our lips turned blue, our fingers and toes felt numb, and our noses began to drip rapidly...in other words, we were FREEZING.  
 Maybe I underestimated just how cold an ice castle would be...for future reference, ice-castles are EXTREMELY COLD (hence the ice).
I would have been happy to take a look around and be on our merry way, the kids had other ideas.
We were continually impressed as we explored seemingly every single icicle they had to offer...
Despite literally walking inside of a giant freezer, we had a blast.  The kids broke into "Let it Go" often enough to ward off death-by-frost-bite.
They insisted on crawling through every nook and cranny, making their way through each crevice and cave.  Panic set in for my claustrophobic self more than once, but we survived with only a few bumps and bruises.
After ooo-ing and aaw-ing over ice sculptures galore...
We made a shocking discovery...

(Or her twin-ish sister, who sorta-not-really looks like her.)  
Okay so Elsa was kinda lame, Olaf however, made a big impression on these three.  
I mean look at him standing there all Olaf-like.

Where were John and Tessa during all of this excitement?  
Snug as a bug, warm in the toasty car...
After driving an hour to Midway, John willingly waited in he car with the sleeping babe while we made our way into the freezing castles.  Without complaint I might add, what a guy!

Later we warmed up with some amazing Mexican food...
Tarahumara proved to be a new favorite and the perfect end to a very cold day.
We had a great time despite the cold, but were all bummed Daddy missed out.  However, we have simply chosen to "let it go" (a phase often heard in this household...seriously, thank you Disney) and make next year even better.  Hot chocolate, extra layers of clothing, a darling little sister and an awesome dad will certainly add to the adventure.