December 18, 2013

I Spy Tarzan, Toenail Clippings, and a Frightening Firefighter

Though we are midway through December, I just can't bring myself to write about our winter festivities before wrapping up my personal favorite season of all, the Fall.  
With our sweet Tessa arriving in early September, we definitely kept things somewhat low-key this year. Missing out on our usual colorful drive through the canyon led us to a lonely road one Sunday afternoon...
Which turned out to be quite the colorful adventure.
We hadn't planned on getting out of the car (hence the children's strange attire below) yet John seems to be always prepared for a round of fetch with good ol' Gus.
Despite the chill, the kids love nothing more than to watch that darn dog play fetch...go figure.
We soon discovered we weren't the only ones out and about that crisp Autumn day...
With our leaf-changing experience fulfilled, we soon found ourselves "Falling into Reading" at the school carnival...  
Though admittedly carnivals, fairs, or anything of the sort is definitely not a pleasure for John nor I, the kids always have a wonderful we endure.
They even got to experiment with Ms. Frizzle of the Magic School Bus...
Another (much warmer) Fall day brought us to Gardner Village, where the kids hunted down witches and made a purchase or two (with their very own money) at the candy store. 

Gardner Village holds a special place in my heart as I worked there from the time I was 17 'til just before Cole was born.  John and I also took our engagement pictures there, so in other words, we can't visit the village without taking every photo-op available.
Our favorite Fall activity however, was without a doubt, playing in the piles and piles of leaves in Grandpa Monte's backyard.
The kids had a blast helping with Grandpa's leaf blower, messing up Aunt Caity's giant piles, and even making a leaf-angel or two.
Ahh, the Fall.  We miss you.


  1. Ok, the pictures are Gardner Village are TO DIE FOR CUTE! And I am super jealous of Macie's amazing hair :)

  2. Macie's outift at Gardner Village is SO adorable!! Love the pics of all the kiddos there!